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    Our Environmental Commitments

    Poole Bay Holdings believes every business is responsible to society and the planet.

    From the climate emergency to single-use plastics and the decline of local wildlife, environmental concerns are pushing their way to the forefront of our minds.

    Our company commitments are rooted in our founders’ values. Mike McKenna and Martyn Bright encourage everyone on the team to spot new opportunities for Poole Bay Holdings to act more responsibly.

    Throughout our business, we consider the impact of

    • our supply chain
    • our headquarters
    • our teams
    • our products

    Responsible Products

    Poole Bay Holdings has a policy of responsible purchasing.

    We consider the carbon footprint of our products from manufacture to your door. From air miles to water, energy and materials, we aim to work with our business partners to improve our supply chain carbon footprint.


    HDPE is used for everyday products such as water bottles, plastic bags and bottle lids.


    HDPE is used for everyday products such as water bottles, plastic bags and bottle lids.

    Case Study

    NBB Recycled Furniture

    In 2013, Martyn Bright found a way to make a positive environmental impact by using 100% recycled plastic timber across the entire NBB furniture range.

    Through NBB Recycled Furniture, we have saved over 10,000 tonnes of plastic from entering landfill or the sea.

    That’s over 100 million plastic bottles.

    Recycled plastic does the job better. It is cheaper, and we use less energy and water and emit lower levels of CO2  when we make it.

    Our furniture uses 100% Recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).



    EcoCentric is the UKs first B2B specific eco-friendly online shop. We wanted UK businesses to have the same easy access to ecofriendly day-to-day products as our homes and families.

    EcoCentric supplies over 5,000 business products that are genuinely better for the environment.

    Zero greenwashing

    For a product to feature on EcoCentric, it must pass an intensive assessment. We cut through any greenwashing to ensure each item is better than the standard option while keeping prices sensible.


    We partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree for every £20 spent on EcoCentric– see our Ecologi Forest here.


    We partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree for every £20 spent on EcoCentric– see our Ecologi Forest here.


    Responsible Packaging


    We are trying to reduce the amount of packaging we use overall and are transitioning our plastic film wrap for pallets to alternatives made from at least 30% recycled material.

    We encourage our trusted suppliers to consider their product impact and make changes to manufacturing, packaging, and delivery.

    We want to know if you spot inappropriate packaging on any of our ranges so we can do better.



    We upcycle cardboard boxes received at our distribution centres,

    EcoCentric are working hard to find long-term solutions to the problem of single-use plastic packaging materials, which we roll out across our business when we find them.

    We have already made significant improvements like paper-based packing tape and trialling the use of 100% recycled void fill packaging.



    We choose recycled materials like cardboard boxes and paper filler wherever possible. We look for new, innovative green alternatives and update our practices when we find ones that are fit for purpose.

    We choose FSC approved card in our boxes made from at least 90% recycled materials. In addition, our paper packaging is made from 100% recycled material and at least 98% recycled material in the corrugate wraps.


    Responsible Sales

    The direct marketing industry delivers millions of catalogues every year, often wrapped in plastic for easy, secure delivery.

    In 2018, we stopped using polybags for our catalogues, saving 7.5 tonnes of plastic from entering the ecosystem, and we now proof catalogues online to reduce paper use in our head office.

    We know some valued customers prefer to flick through a catalogue. So we ensure all our catalogues are printed on PEFC-certified paper and delivered plastic-free.

    We cut our environmental impact by moving most of our sales online. When customers buy via our websites, we save paper, catalogue production energy, catalogue delivery miles, and ink production.


    ISO 14001

    We operate an effective Environmental Management System certified by ISO 14001.

    We benchmark the ways we impact the world around us. Every year, we assess our business against practical criteria:

    • energy use
    • transport planning
    • materials reuse
    • renewable energy generation
    • waste creation, segregation and recycling