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We are a leading UK B2B eCommerce and catalogue marketer with product marketing expertise across a wide range of health, safety, and facilities products.

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    Our Culture

    Becoming the best place to work on the south coast.

    Our people are the key to our success. We’ve grown by a factor of 4 since 2012, and we firmly believe our stellar track record comes from our company culture.

    Our senior team comes from every part of the business, from the manufacturing units and warehouse to IT. Many managers and directors started in entry-level roles and grew with us.

    We Notice

    We Reward Ideas

    Your idea could be our next success.

    Who knows the business better than the people working in it. That’s why we encourage everyone on the team to put ideas forward to make things better at Poole Bay Holdings.

    Your idea could be anything from a new product to an environmentally-friendly process to a vision that turns unused warehouse space into a team recreation area.

    “People come up to me all the time with ideas. We reward ideas frequently. We rewarded three or four people last week! […] Sometimes it’s a challenge to keep up with it.”

    Mike McKenna, co-founder

    What We Do
    Sales Administrator

    Nadia's story

    Nadia, one of our Sales Administrators, had a brilliant idea for our hardwearing outdoor furniture range.


    Our recycled plastic benches and seats are hugely popular. Nadia wondered if a range of soft accessories would also sell well.

    Nadia took her idea to Marketing, who agreed cushions would complement the NBB benches and chairs.

    In dynamic PBH fashion, we turned the new product around quickly and launched the first range in January 2022. Sales prove that Nadia’s idea is a winner, and she received a cash reward for being the spark.

    • We made sure Nadia's cushions were eco-friendly and UK manufactured with 100% recycled and reused foam. They match the Poole Bay Holdings values.
    Aiming For Success

    Group Values

    We’re in it together: we’re collaborative and versatile to make things happen
    We choose action: taking proactive steps to achieve our goals
    The customer is everyone’s priority: only they will grow our business
    We strive to make a positive impact: through ethical and community minded decisions

    We Deliver

    The Social Team

    A team of representatives from across the company delivers and coordinates internal events, fundraising opportunities, and listens to staff ideas on how we make our company the best place to work on the south coast.

    The Benefits

    It's The Little Things

    Our culture is more than our approach to business or benefits like subsidised gym membership (though we do offer that).

    It’s the little things, like a fully funded Christmas Do for you and your partner, company-wide lunches with food made by the Sales Director, Fiona McKenna, and knowing your ideas will be heard and rewarded, if we use them.

    Ricky Williams, our Group Internal Sales Manager, says: “Everyone is treated as an individual and appreciated with lots of little touches that happen throughout the year.”

    When you join the team, you’ll get money in your birthday card and more days off the longer you’re with us. We offer discounts on products and cash rewards for your ideas. Staff are also automatically entered into a recurring prize draw after 12 months with a chance to win £500. After 12 months, you’ll be enrolled on the ‘self-betterment scheme’ to invest in your personal growth.

    • We value our employees and hope everyone can build a long-lasting career with our expanding, innovative company.