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We are a leading UK B2B eCommerce and catalogue marketer with product marketing expertise across a wide range of health, safety, and facilities products.

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    About The Group

    "The biggest local company you've never heard of." (Dorset Biz News)



    We are also a manufacturer making and selling comprehensive ranges in business niches from recycled furniture to hot/cold therapy, signs and workwear.

    • We aim to launch three to four new sites every year by leveraging our manufacturing base and making the most of our supplier relationships.


    Since 2000, we have launched over 45 business units and added over 100,000 products across many markets, and we continue to innovate and develop our portfolio.

    In 2022, we launched EcoCentric – a website which only sells genuinely eco-friendly products with no ‘greenwashing’. EcoCentric represents everything we stand for: ethically-sourced, eco-conscious products for business, honestly marketed and an idea sparked by one of the team.

    • EcoCentric offers over 5,000 eco-friendly products for everyday business needs. All products on the site have passed our strict vetting procedure, so we can guarantee they are a genuine alternative to ‘normal’ products.
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    Over 200 Employees

    Poole Bay Holdings now employs over 200 people in its new Poole headquarters, 150,000 sq ft warehouse and five Dorset-based manufacturing units.



    Mike and Martyn run Poole Bay Holdings as a dynamic, ambitious meritocracy. We believe everyone rises together, and we reward loyalty and innovation.

    Like many of our team, you can join on the shop floor and reach the top levels of the business by showing commitment to the company’s ideals and dedication to your work.

    Staff voices matter. We believe good ideas can come from anywhere in the company, and we like empowering people to make them happen. As a result, dozens of product and website ideas have come from staff across the company.

    Our Culture

    Our Values

    Ethical Approach

    We believe in doing things properly, like offering the National Living wage, a practical hands-on environmental commitment, a social commitment, and a focus on excellence for our customers and suppliers.

    Innovative Atmosphere

    We encourage our people to think differently, look for solutions, and spot opportunities. And we reward you when you step up.

    Dynamic Workflow

    We are fast-paced. We aim to launch several eCommerce sites every year. We love to experiment and try things out, so we created a high-energy environment where you can show us what you’ve got.


    Our Mission


    Products and Markets

    Poole Bay Holdings has over 20 sites and catalogues delivering niche business resources.

    By developing our manufacturing units, we can say yes to high-quality bespoke and personalised products like this Jubilee bench made in our recycled plastic factory.

    • We succeed by saying yes to our customers.

    Bespoke Products

    We believe in providing a comprehensive service in each product area to meet our customers’ needs. We offer bespoke and personalised products with high standards in manufacturing.

    • An ethical supply chain.
    • Exceptional customer service.
    Environmental Commitments

    Our Departments



    Marketing is made up of Trading, Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience and Innovation.



    IT includes Systems Development, Service Desk, and Web Development.



    Operations include teams in Supply Chain, Ops Systems, Pick/Pack, Warehousing, Compliance, Shelter Manufacturing, Furniture Manufacturing, and Signs Manufacturing.



    Sales have Inbound Sales, Webchat, NBB National Sales, Quotes Team, and Koolpak Distribution.



    Finance is made up of Management Accounts, Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, and Credit Control.


    Customer Satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. Our meteoric rise results from listening to our customers and delivering what they need.

    As part of our founders’ core values, we were one of the first UK companies to offer a 30-day no-quibble guarantee and next-day delivery as standard. We also offer 30-day credit to established UK businesses and schools because we understand their demands.